Most have been forgotten. Most deserve to be forgotten. The heroes will always be remembered. The best. The best and the worst. And a few who were a little of both.


Gorgeous Locations

 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - New York, Greenland, Iceland, Afghanistan


should i message them again or am i just being really clingy and annoying: a life story by me


make me choose -> heartfulkiss asked: Clementine or Ellie?

That little girl is a puzzle.”

handofsilver replied to your post “so my co-workers just asked me if i want to eat lunch with them and i…”

why couldn’t you eat lunch with them? (don’t answer if it bothers you or if you don’t want to talk about it!! i’m just curious :))

oh, dont’t worry - it doesn’t bother me at all. well, first they are so much older than me and i don’t know, what to talk to them about? and also i get super nervous around ppl, if i don’t know them well enough :/


hey so um i recently hit 200 203 followers (which isn’t that much) but i still felt like i should do something so

this is a mutual-only follow forever! but, it’s not all mutuals, just the ones i’ve interacted and stuck with for some time. so if you’ve ever sent me a message or replied to a post or know me in real life or chatted with me at all you’re in the follow forever. congrats.


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aww thank you so much (✿◠‿◠)


Natalia Kills | Kill My Boyfriend

To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.


  • reached for the last snack item at the same time au
  • accidentally ‘borrowed’ their towel at their gym au
  • saw their number graffitied on a toilet stall au
  • "which asshole hasn’t returned the dvd i want yet" au
  • parents signed them up for the same shitty art/science program au
  • met on omegle au
  • thirst follow au
  • mail keeps coming to the wrong address au
  • "you know you’re singing to your headphones out loud, right" au
  • beat the crap out of each other in online multiplayer au
  • worked really well together in online co-op au
  • "i think your dog likes my dog" au
  • kissed them as a distraction while stealing their wallet au


Night Sky | CHVRCHES

i will carry you and give you life
i will cover you and show you the way

so my co-workers just asked me if i want to eat lunch with them and i got nervous and told them i’d be going home soon anyways and they were like: oh okay nice weekend then and i didn’t even plan to go home early today but now i have to